Saturday, May 22, 2010

Those of you on Facebook have been kept updated on our life in Bolivia, albeit 4-5 sentences at a time. If you’re on Facebook and want to “friend” us, search for Fernando Rodriguez or I like a blog as well for longer entries.

Family Life

We’re settled and getting used to Bolivian life. We lived in an apartment for the first month, but started renting a house beginning late February.

Plenty of room, and it’s in Zona Sur, which is the area of La Paz that’s a bit warmer than where we used to live. We have four bedrooms, and the girls share one. So we have an extra bed for visitors! And the outside has plenty of nice flowers.

Terry has homeschool up and running. Nicolas and Mia have tennis classes twice a week. Eliana has ballet twice a week. So the days are full.

We bought a piano last weekend after a long search. The children have re-started their lessons. It’s very nice to hear a piano in the house again.

For those of you wondering, Dulce is doing well. The house we rented came with a puppy (Settler). So Dulce has a playmate! Her name is Maya, which means “one” in the Aymaran language. Dulce and Maya get along very well.

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